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Everything You Need To Know About Smile Bot Discord

 In this article, you will get to know more about Smile Bot Discord. At first glance, Smile Bot Discord seems like a simple widget that spews out emojis and tells you what your mood is. But it’s more. It’s a game that is fun to play. The bot allows users to collect smiles that they can gamble with. You can also ask the bot to guess your mood, and then it will show you an emoji.


If you like games and are pretty competitive, then this is a bot that you’ll probably enjoy using. True to its name, it’s something that can put a smile on your face. It’s being called by some users an antidepressant for the Discord community.

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Smile Bot Discord was created by James Lantz, a designer based in Vancouver. If the last name sounds familiar, it’s because James is the son of Frank Lantz, the guy who made the wacky clicker game Universal Paperclips. If you’re good at gambling your smiles, then you can get more smiles that you can use to buy upgrades and perks.


For example, you can get an upgrade that can generate smiles automatically. The upgrade will allow you to generate millions of smiles every minute. More smiles, of course, mean more perks. Do you want to hold taco parties and fill your DMs with taco emojis? That’s possible if you have enough smiles.

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This also has a fun text adventure game. It’s easy to get stuck with the game if you don’t know how to play it. You can find yourself not making any progress despite making all sorts of actions. It’s some sort of experiment in social engineering.

The only way you can progress with the game is to get your friends to enter special commands on Discord’s chat.  Those who have yet to discover this find themselves in limbo. In a way, you need to manipulate your friends to make them do what you want them to do.

SmileBot offline? – What to do?


Another Smile Bot Discord game involves crafting emojis and then using them to write lines of code. To live in the game, you need to eat and drink. Failure to do this will cause you to die. It seems like a mindless game, but it can be very addictive. It’s like being stuck in the loop of creating emojis, writing codes, eating, and drinking, and then doing it all over again.

There seems to be no end in sight with this game, and at some point, you’ll wonder if you can do it forever. You’ll find yourself playing to get higher and higher scores and then waiting for something to happen. The bot is addictive. It’s so addictive that some people panic when it goes offline.

Indeed, this bot can surely make your server more exciting and happier, of course. You’ll certainly have fun playing the games. And it can also help you to have a better mood.