Discord Bot Chat

The Ins and Outs of Discord Bot Chat

 In this article, I will give you more information about Discord Bot Chat. To begin with, a chatbot refers to a computer program or software that can simulate or mimic human conversation. It uses text and voice interaction to do this. Meanwhile, Discord is a platform for Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), text messaging, video calls, media, and files in private chats called servers. The server contains a collection of chat rooms and voice chat channels accessed through invite links.

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Discord Bot Chat

Going to details, Discord is not only a platform for  real-time messaging but also an “all-in-one voice and text chat” that gamers can use. It became popular for being user-friendly along with a smooth interface and wide-ranging features. In fact, Discord’s user base surged from 45M users to over 130M between May 2017 and May 2018. This is more than double as many daily users of Slack.

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As a multi-level communication system, Discord’s most distinctive feature is its bots. These are Ais (Artificial Intelligence) capable of performing useful automated tasks and commands on servers. These include the following:

Ø  Welcome new members.

Ø  Moderate content.

Ø  Ban those who disobey rules.

You may also use bot commands for adding games, audio, memes, and different kinds of content. In other words, the Discord bot chat brings your experience to a higher level. Therefore, you must learn how to add bots to Discord to master the platform.

Best Discord Bots

First, determine the type of bot for your server. There are websites with a list of Discord bots for recommendations. The number one Discord bot list is top.gg. This website categorizes bots according to:

Ø  Subject

Ø  Rating

Ø  Newness

Ø  Certification by platform

For first-timers, you can search online to find bots that you want to use for your server.

Ø  Choose from the online list or the website of the creator.

Ø  Click on the Bot.

Ø  Click the invite button so you can be redirected to the Discord’s browser app.

Ø  After this, decide on the server to which you can add the bot. Remember that you may only add bots to a server where you are the moderator or admin.

Ø  Authorize access so the bot will appear on the server for immediate use.

Why Use a Chatbot?

Chatbot has more than 70 commands. Likewise, it has over 60,000 users, 100 servers, and chat on 2,400 channels.


User Interface

Discord apps are built on the same Application Program Interfaces (APIs) that bots utilize.

Finally, here are the technical aspects to consider:

Ø  List of Servers – The admin or creator manages the server, defines rules (including the structure of server channels), and supervises users. The ideal server is the Discord API.

Ø  List of Channels – Channels are classified into a number of categories. Channels function as chat rooms where users can talk about topics the channel is devoted to.

Ø  Channel View – You will know topics users discuss in the channel you are viewing.

Ø  List of Users – Users who are online on the server.

Ø  Text Input – This is used for typing and sending messages.

Ø  User – Find a username that you will not forget.

 In this article, you have read more about Discord Bot Chat.