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A Guide To Confessions Bot Discord

Is there something you always wanted to say in Discord, but you don’t want to get judged because of it? You can say it through confessions bot Discord. Confessions can be helpful. The act can unburden your mind and your heart. The best thing about confession bots is that they offer complete anonymity. No one will know that the confession came from you. Using a confession bot is also very easy. This guide will tell you what you need to know about using confession bots. It’s a useful bot to add to your server.  Read on to learn more about confession bots. 

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Best Confession Bot Discord

There are several confessions Discord bots. But the ones featured below are considered some of the best. 

Confessions – This bot allows you to send confessions anonymously on your Discord server. It’s one of the more popular Discord bots.

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We Vibin Love – This is not just a confessions bot Discord. It’s actually a multi-purpose bot. It is a blind date system that auto-generates VC. But it also has a confession component. 

ConfessionBot – This is one of the most powerful confession bots around. It allows you to send messages and post images anonymously. It also gives you the ability to moderate.  

Vertex – If you’re looking for a confession bot that is simple and efficient, then this is the one for you. And the best part about it is that it has a confessions system that is free. It has other cool features such as captcha, utility, and moderation. It also has some fun commands. 

Gidget – This bot is still under development, but it’s a promising one. It can perform several functions and tasks that are useful for your server. 

BotuuThis is a fun bot. It also has plenty of functions. One of the most attractive features of this bot is the pirate theme. 

Confessions Bot Discord Command

Now you probably want to know how Confessions bots work. It’s straightforward. You just need to know some of the basic commands. If you’re going to send a confession, all you need to do is use slash commands. Just type / in your server for the menu to pop up. In the menu, select /confess, and after that, you can simply type your confession. If you’re ready to send your confession, just hit Enter. Confessions are sent anonymously, so you don’t have to worry about being recognized. So open up your heart and say what you’ve always wanted to say. You won’t get incriminated because of your messages.

How To Make A Confession Channel On Discord

It’s easy to create a confession channel on Discord. Anyone can do it. All you need to do is to make a channel then label it “Confession” or “Confess.” That’s it! All of the messages that are sent on your channel will be deleted. The messages will be sent anonymously. It will have a timestamp but no sender. Someone can confess anything there, and no one will know who the sender is.